Hotel Services / Υπηρεσιών Ξενοδοχείου

Our Hotel Services team are highly experienced, Greek speaking and ingrained into the very fabric of the Home. And they make incredible food!


All kitchen staff are well trained in food safety to ensure quality meals are prepared for our residents, and our two cooks have a wealth of experience, producing the perfect home-cooked cuisine for a Mediterranean palette. We have a dietician-approved, 4 week rotating menu that takes into account the individual preferences of all our residents. RGHA provides a culturally specific menu and residents are encouraged to participate in formulating the menu which rotates between summer and winter. See below.

Additional nutritional and dietary requirements are catered for in the form of fortified drinks e.g. high calorie products, milkshakes etc.

Breakfast consists of fruit juice, cereal (porridge optional in winter), bread or toast, cheese, eggs on Wednesday's and tea or coffee will be provided.

Lunch is the main meal of the day. Personal Preferences will be accommodated within reason and prescribed diets will be catered for.

Evening Meals will be a lighter meal than luncheon. Residents feeling hungry throughout the day will be provided with additional food upon request.

Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea & Supper will be provided. Includes Greek Coffee.


Cleaning staff work within a system which ensures all bedrooms are cleaned on a daily basis. Our staff are mindful of respecting our resident’s needs and their visitors and will adjust their routine to suit. The facility communal areas are also cleaned on a daily basis.


All linen and personal items that can be machine washed are a prescribed service provided by the Home. Families wishing to take certain items of clothing home for washing are quite welcome to do so. Clothing for everyday use must be suitable for machine washing and drying. Before purchasing any new clothing please check with the Director of Clinical Services / Clinical Nurse Manager. Dry cleaning and hand washing are not a prescribed service. Any clothing that requires dry cleaning or hand washing is to be arranged by the resident and or their family.

Residents are required to have all clothing clearly marked with their name on water proof labels before entering the facility or have RGHA label all clothing on entering via the Hotel Services Manager. A fee will be incurred for this service.


 See our current Winter 2015 4 Week Menu below:

Winter 2015 Menu Week 1    Winter 2015 Menu Week 2   Winter 2015 Menu Week 3   Winter 2015 Menu Week 4

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