Residential Care Services / ιδρυματική φροντίδα

Ridleyton Greek Home for the Aged is a 120 bed facility, designed and staffed for a variety of care levels. If you, or a loved one are looking for either a respite or permanent residential aged care place, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is important that the Residents and their families are familiar with the level of care that has been identified as appropriate for their needs.

Recently redesigned legislation once identified two levels of care classified as “low” and “high”. These classifications are no longer used, and there are no restrictions for admissions based on this distinction any longer.

Clinical staff still submit assessments to Medicare based on medical information acquired via all manner of relevant health professionals including the resident's own GP, to identify a specific level of care and corresponding Commonwealth Funding.

It is important that all parties understand that this does not reflect the quality of the care provided.  It is simply an administrative tool that is used to identify those residents that are more dependent for their care needs and those that have a greater degree of independence.

The Director of Clinical Services and the three Clinical Nurse Managers can be contacted during normal business hours, Monday to Friday.

Nursing Staff

3 Registered Nurses are employed for morning shifts. The secure Dementia Unit (Special Needs Unit) is managed along with an upstairs / downstairs clinical area, similarly to the Clinical Nurse Manager separation of duties. 2 more are employed for Afternoon shifts and a single RN in charge of the facility is employed over night. Each of the Area's employs 2 Enrolled Nurses for medication and extra care management, except for the Special Needs Unit which always has a single experienced and dedicated Enrolled Nurse overseeing the area 24 hours per day.

Personal Care Workers are available in every area 24 hours a day also, for mobility assistance, feeding, toileting, continence management, and emotional  and social support. Each day there are 21 for AM shifts, 15 for PM shifts and 4 over Night Duty.

Medication & Treatment Supplies

RGHA orders all medications and treatments through their contracted pharmacy. This will be discussed more in-depth during the Admission process. The pharmacy delivers medication in a multi-dose administration aid called medi-sachet.  Residents will be charged directly for their medications. The pharmacy has auditing and checking systems in place to ensure that medication are accurately dispensed. Education is delivered to staff as part of the terms of this contract. Furthermore the Pharmacy manages and supplies the facility with an imprest system in case we require emergency antibiotics after hours. The pharmacist also provides us 24 hours service seven days a week. For these reasons it is preferable that your medication is obtained through this Pharmacy. However, if your preference is for an alternative Pharmacy please discuss this with the Director of Clinical Services to make arrangements.

Continence Supplies

Residents in need of high care will be provided with aids to assist with toileting and continence management. Staff receive training about best-practice with using these aids from our Supplier.

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