Mission Statement / Philosophy

Our Mission

To pursue and achieve the highest quality care through education and continuous improvement
- in a culturally sensitive and safe environment –  that benefits our clients, their families and staff.

Our Philosophy

•    To enrich the life of the Elderly by maintaining close ties to the country of birth.
•    To provide an environment where rituals, food, commemoration, melody, dance and religious beliefs are
    promoted: with the resident able to maintain the sense of ethno cultural continuity.
•    To consider the cultural needs and identity of all groups, Ethno specific and persons from an Anglo-Saxon
    background integrated in a harmonious manner.
•    Our respect for the elderly and their right to age with dignity and be given a genuine opportunity to
    make the latter stages of their life both meaningful & secure in a homely environment.
•    To provide the highest attainable quality care, by taking into account the individuality of the person,
    their physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs and their right to reach the end of their life
    with dignity and in peace.

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