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The page contains downloadable forms and other files that will assist you to gain a better understanding of the requirements and costs associated with entering residential aged care.

If you are interested in seeking Accommodation at Ridleyton Greek Home for the Aged, please read this page, download and fill out the below forms and email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively, please call us on 08 8340 1155 and ask for admissions for all enquiries.

Common Terminology

Basic Daily Care Fee - Exactly 85% of the full Single Aged Pension, as determined by Centrelink. All residents are required to pay this, regardless of level of assets and/or income.

Means Tested Care Fee - A contribution amount (used to be known as the Income Tested Fee) to the clinical care performed by clinical staff at the Home. This amount will only be payable by residents with a high level of assets and/or income. Self funded retirees who do not wish to submit an Assets and Income Assessment to Centrelink may be liable to pay 100% of the Care Fee costs, otherwise known as the Aged Care Funding Instrument, distributed by the Federal Government via Medicare. This amount is periodically reviewed.

Accommodation Payment - A contribution or full payment of accommodation costs by the resident to the facility. Medicare supplements the Facility on a daily basis for residents who are unable to pay all or any (depending on their Assets and Income Determination) of these costs. If a Refundable Accommodation Deposit / Daily Accommodation Payment is determined, no amount or limit will be set on the Assets and Income Determination letter.

Refundable Accommodation Contribution / Deposit - Accommodation Room prices set by the Home, and payable upon the outcome of Assets and Income Determination, in one of two ways. A Contribution, or RAC, is based on the below Daily Accommodation Contribution (DAC) - a specific dollar figure printed on the Assets and Income Determination. Using a Government-specified formula, this DAC amount can be converted to a lump sum, payable to the Nursing Home on a basis that is refundable upon discharge. The Refundable Accommodation Deposit, or RAD, is a negotiable amount based on the nominated Accommodation prices set by the Home. These amounts for RGHA can be seen in the below documents.

Daily Accommodation Contribution / Payment - As stated above, the Assets and Income Determination letter will be sent to the resident or their representatives, and will specify if there is a Daily Accommodation Contribution payable, and how much this will be. Unlike the Means Tested Care Fee, this amount will not be reviewed by the Department of Human Services in the future. Alternatively, the above-mentioned formula used to convert DAC / RAC is used the same way to convert the RAD into a non-refundable Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) if this is the resident's or their representative's choice.

Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR) - This is the interest rate used to convert RAD amounts to DAP amounts, and DAC amounts to RAC amounts. It is updated quarterly by the Federal Government, but is only relevant to each resident at the amount set on the day of the resident's permanent admission.

Combination Payment - When required to pay a full Accommodation Payment, the resident and their representatives are entitled to consult financial advice and determine a combination (to any %) of RAD and DAP in order to best manage the financial affairs of the resident. For some limited amount of residents, this may be a sound option.

Price Agreement Day - prior to Permanent Entry into Residential Aged Care, the Home is entitled to determine with the prospective residents and/or their representatives that there is an understanding of our fees, how they are set, and what (if any) Accommodation Payment may be liable on the outcome of the Assets and Income Determination. By signing with and in the presence of an agent of the Home, the Price Agreement Day letter states that it is understood that in some circumstances the nominated room values advertised by the Home must be payable within the required time frames.

Assets and Income assessments must be completed prior to entry into the facility. Contact Admissions staff with any queries.

- The SA457 - Calculation Cost of Care form is for Self-Funded Retiree consumers

- The SA485 - Residential Aged Care Property Details form is for Centrelink / DVA consumers


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 Other Pre-Admission Documents necessary for entry

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